Companies Trust Us To Protect Their Most Valuable Assets Globally.

We protect intellectual property all over the world. Our clients range from garage inventors to wineries to multinational companies.

Big Firm Experience.<br>Half The Cost.

We’re former partners of big firms that created a smaller, leaner, efficient alternative for our clients. Less overhead affords us more time to focus on fewer clients. It’s better math all around, both for our clients and for us.

Partner-Level Work On Your Projects.

We eliminated the traditional law firm pyramid structure. So you are not paying for multiple levels of attorneys nor financing on-the-job training to associates. At our firm, your work is performed by an experienced former partner with a decade or more of experience.

No Hourly Billing. No Charge For Calls & Emails.

We charge by the project, not the hour, so no cost overruns or shocking bills. If it takes longer to do something right, we absorb that. We don’t charge for calls or emails to/from our clients. Our clients communicate with us without feeling they are “on the clock.” Call us and see for yourself, no charge.