Companies Trust Us To Protect Their Most Valuable Assets Globally.


We protect intellectual property all over the world. Our clients range from garage inventors to wineries to multinational companies.


We specialize in preparation and filing of U.S. & international patent filings:

  • U.S. Nonprovisional & Provisional Utility Patent Applications
  • Design Patent Applications
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) & International Applications
  • Commercialization, Licensing & Enforcement


We prepare, prosecute, license & enforce trademarks:

  • U.S. Trademark & Service Marks 
  • State Trademark Registration
  • Madrid Protocol & International Registration
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Litigation before the Trademark Trial & Appellate Board


We protect artistic expressions in the U.S. and around the world , including:

  • Literary Works
  • Computer Software & Data Collections
  • Musical Works, Lyrics, and Sound Recordings
  • Dramatic & Choreographic Works
  • Motion Pictures & Audiovisual Works


We help safeguard information, processes, formulas, techniques, or methods that are not readily known by the public, such as: 

  • Manufacturing Techniques & Practices
  • Computer Algorithms & Formulas
  • Vendors & Sales Databases
  • Recipes for Food or Products
  • Other Proprietary Processes & Procedures


We assist clients with a variety of cyber, digital and computer matters, including: 

  • Consulting Regarding Best Practices for Confidentiality & Security of Digital Assets
  • Patent & Software Licensing Agreements
  • Terms Of Use, Service, Privacy Policy & Other Computer-Related Agreements
  • Navigating PCI DSS Measures

We Protect Your Inventions & Designs.


Patents protect innovative apparatus, processes and designs. As a sword or a shield, they are powerful leverage critical to long term success of tech businesses. Exposure to competition and filing deadlines apply, so don’t delay if you have created a new invention.

We Protect Your Brand & Credibility.


For trademarks “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Most countries are on a first-to-file basis and squatters exist in every market. Before somebody infringes your brand, let us protect its future with registration in the U.S. and abroad.

We Protect Your Art, Music & Creative Works.


Copyrights protect creative expressions of artists, authors, musicians, photographers, architects and others. Businesses protect their advertisements, technical writing, software and collective works through this registerable intellectual property. Deadlines apply so don’t give away the fruits of your hard work..

We Help You Protect Your Competitive Edge.


Trade secrets are proprietary know-how, your competitive advantage: formulas, techniques, lists, contacts. Courts afford protection when specific practices are followed, but most companies are not so vigilant. If a key employee leaves, or a competitor steals from you — are you protected?

Software Protection, Licensing, Information Security, Privacy, Cyber Law & More.


Computers are embedded in nearly every facet of commerce. With powerful tools comes identifiable risks. We counsel clients with best practices to prevent a crisis or breach; but, if an incident arises we also provide emergent and remedial measures.


What Makes Us Different

No Pyramid Structure. Partner-Level Work On All Your Projects.


We eliminated the traditional law firm pyramid structure. So you are not paying for multiple levels of attorneys nor financing on-the-job training to associates. At our firm, your work is performed by an experienced former partner with a decade or more of experience.

No Hourly Billing. No Charge For Calls & Emails.


We charge by the project, not the hour, so no cost overruns or shocking bills. If it takes longer to do something right, we absorb that. We don’t charge for calls or emails to/from our clients. Our clients communicate with us without feeling they are “on the clock.”  Call us and see for yourself, no charge..

Big Firm Experience.

Half The Cost.


We’re former partners of big firms that created a smaller, leaner, efficient alternative for our clients. Less overhead affords us more time to focus on fewer clients. It’s better math all around, both for our clients and for us.

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